Does Plasma Ionization Eliminate COVID-19?

Plasma IonizationConcerns with airborne spread of the COVID-19 pathogen have circulated within the scientific community since the virus surfaced in late 2019. It is no secret that the virus has been spreading via miniscule water droplets, but the potential for fully airborne transmission was still in question until recently. With the CDC’s recent confirmation that COVID-19 can be transmitted via aerosolized respiratory droplets, the focus has shifted to finding ways to kill the virus in the air using advanced filtration and treatment techniques.

When scientists first began to suspect that airborne transmission was possible, researchers and engineers began looking into ways to beat the virus while it was still in the air. Through rigorous testing, plasma ionization has been established as one of the best ways to kill airborne pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.

To help our customers make the most of plasma ionization technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, Powers of Automation has partnered with Plasma Air to create highly effective and efficient air cleaners that eliminate airborne pathogens and particulate matter.

What is Plasma Ionization?

Plasma ionization has been an effective means of eliminating pathogens from environments and surfaces in the food processing industry for decades. A proven decontamination method, plasma ionization uses the ionization of oxygen molecules to attack foreign matter, including particulates, bacteria, viruses, odorous gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Plasma Air cleaners use specially designed tubes to convert stable oxygen molecules from the surrounding air into charged oxygen ions. The ions produced by Plasma Air technology seek out the non-charged particles in the air and bond with them. This bonding process increases the size of the unwanted particles, which allows them to be caught in very fine air filters and removed from circulation. Viruses and bacteria bonded to oxygen ions are unable to replicate due to the charged oxygen atoms, and VOCs are broken down at a molecular level. 

Does Plasma Ionization Eliminate COVID-19?

Air cleaners that use bipolar ionization can be used to kill viruses, including COVID-19. In recent testing conducted by air purification company Tayra with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Defense Biological Laboratory, Plasma Air ionization eliminated nearly 80% of MS2 bacteriophage (a simulated virus similar to COVID-19) from the surfaces of indoor test environments.

To perform the testing, the Plasma Air ionizer was incorporated into the air supply system and a quantity of MS2 bacteriophage was nebulized into the test space. When compared with a control test, the bacteriophage concentration was reduced by approximately 99% after exposure to ionized air. These results indicate that plasma ionization can be used to significantly reduce the presence of COVID-19 in indoor environments. 

The Different Applications of Plasma Ionization

The benefits of using plasma ionization to minimize the spread of pathogens have been acknowledged by numerous healthcare organizations, including Johns Hopkins and Boston Children’s Hospital. In addition, plasma ionization systems have been incorporated into international airport terminals, warehouses and distribution centers, industrial manufacturing facilities, food and beverage processing operations, school buildings, and religious institutions. Not only can Plasma Air ionization systems be used for large-scale operations, but smaller devices are also available in both HVAC-compatible and standalone configurations for use in home and office settings.

Why POA?

Powers of Automation (POA) is pleased to partner with Plasma Air to develop state-of-the-art bipolar ionization technology designed to purify indoor air. Plasma Air’s technology, coupled with POA’s extensive knowledge of automated systems development and integration, has allowed us to establish a powerful and highly effective partnership to tackle the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a leading provider of automation and innovation, POA has the skills and resources necessary to help you develop extremely efficient, competitive business practices using the latest technology available on the market. We help streamline all processes within your organization, so you can rest assured that your systems are operating in the safest, most cost-effective manner.

We have the equipment and technical knowledge necessary to help you seamlessly integrate plasma ionization into your existing systems. To learn more about ways that POA’s partnership with Plasma Air can help you incorporate plasma ionization technology into your business or home, contact our experts today.