POA can deliver the best possible automation system to meet your exact specifications.


We maintain the highest standards of quality control so your automation runs at its peak.

Whether you are looking to automate your production for the first time, or revamp your existing production technology, POA can help. We can guide you through every step and implement your new process.

POA provides UL Listed Industrial Control Panels under UL508a and UL698a for hazardous locations. Each custom control panel is evaluated for fire and shock hazards, and is engineered for long life.

Automation Services for Every Application

Control Systems Integration

POA can seamlessly integrate control systems to improve your production capabilities. We are the rare company that can handle your automation project from start to finish. POA can design, build, and install control CD systems and commission, calibrate, and train after installation.


Our team of experts understands and utilizes various types of programming for control systems. Each programming project is unique. Our project management procedures are robust, ensuring your project is delivered on time and within budget.

A successful programming project starts with the Functional Specification document. We will guide you through the process of documenting a machine’s automated functions, defining each function individually and completely. This documentation includes: how the operators interact with the machine; defined settings and set points; defined alarm limits; control actions; and who gets notified of alarms and how. Our documentation process ensures operator controls or touch screens are defined, reviewed, and approved before we start programming. This approach ensures we build what you need, with a familiar look and feel as well as correct industry-specific terminology. We are experts in PLC, HMI, SCADA, and VFD.

Validatable Control Systems

We’re experts in validatable control systems. Our process ensures your automated system is built to satisfy regulatory requirements—and we provide all of the documentation to prove it.

POA offers:

  • GAMP Software Development
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Critical Monitoring Systems

Custom Automation

Challenging projects are our specialty! Our engineers bring the latest technology, industry experience, and comprehensive service to your project. We work with you to create the best possible system of automation to meet your specifications. Whether your field is in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, or other specialty, our engineers can deliver exactly what you need.

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