Filtration Systems

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POA sells, installs and tests air and liquid filtration systems, including:

  • HEPA–ULPA Filters
  • 4V Bank Filters
  • Panel Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Media Pads and Rolls
  • Paint Booth Filters
  • Box Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Stainless Steel and Membrane Liquid Filtration

INTRODUCING the DataCom-Pleat ™ NN

The DataCom-Pleat™ NN is an American Made, revolutionary product developed with nanofiber technology to provide an energy slashing filter product for data center applications. The DataCom-Pleat™ NN has been developed specifically for the enormous air filtration needs of the data center industry. DataCom-Pleat™ NN installations pack 4X the media surface area into each holding frame when compared with other standard offerings on the market today and utilizes 100% of the of the media pack.

The DataCom-Pleat™ NN has been tested to NAFA 52.1 for ISO Coarse Dust and ASHRE Dust Holding capacity and is shown to meet MERV13 and 100% arrestance.

Unlike charged media versions that lose their efficiency over time or when moisture is introduced, the DataCom-Pleat™ NN maintains the desired level of protection across the length of its service life.

Most applications use POA’s standard pleat depths of 1″, 2″ and 4″, while (17mm, 22mm, 44mm, 95mm) are available upon request, all solutions are designed to match your application. Call for a site survey and start saving OPEX $$ with DataCom-Pleat ™ NN.


POA provides thorough HEPA filter testing for your operations. We use best-in-class aerosol photometers and employ methods developed from military specifications (MIL-SPEC), ISO, ASHRAE, NSF and manufacturers’ recommended best practices.


We offer comprehensive management of your filter inventory and scheduled changes. We track your inventory and filter changes in our world-class asset management database.


We offer:

  • Site Filtration System Surveys and Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)
  • Filter Installation (including Bag In Bag Out)
  • Cost Analysis Services
  • Vendor managed inventory services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Plasma Air Ionization Systems for the neutralization of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful airborne contaminants.  As well as odor control for smoke, H2S, and many other compounds.

We serve the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing
  • Clean Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Office Buildings
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
  • Schools & Universities
  • Airports
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Museums & Libraries
  • Indoor Gun Ranges