POA delivers accuracy in design, installation, calibration and maintenance.

We bring an unparalleled combination of industry experience, technology, and expertise to a wide variety of applications. Our customers count on us to streamline their calibration and maintenance processes and drastically improve results while minimizing unnecessary interruptions. Our qualified experts are by your side for each stage of the instrumentation life cycle:


POA creates an instrument lists with measurement ranges, precision, calibration tolerances, and calibration frequency. POA can provide ISA S20 Instrument Specification forms and procure instrumentation.

During Install

Our instrumentation team works with you to create a system that is fit for purpose. We use proven industrial instrumentation to maximize your return on investment. Our experienced technicians have current safety training—including arc flash.


After installation, POA provides on-going training, maintenance, consulting, and validation for optimal support.

Industrial Instrumentation Services

NIST Traceable Calibration

POA can verify the accuracy of your instruments to satisfy regulatory requirements. We perform all calibrations using reference standards traceable to NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology).

HEPA Filter Testing

POA offers thorough HEPA filter testing for your operation. We use best-in-class aerosol photometer and methods. Our testing methods are developed from MIL specifications and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Asset Management Programs

POA uses specialized programs to simplify your asset management. POA can manage the calibration and maintenance of your assets, ensure schedules are maintained, and resolve out-of-tolerance and non-conforming asset reports.

Compliance Headaches?

Our Process is Tried and True

POA utilizes a tried and true process to design, implement, calibrate and document instrumentation. Our team of experts creates future-proof systems of production you can rely on. When you use POA for your instrumentation projects, you get:

Maximum Resources, Minimal Interruptions

We dedicate substantial resources to minimize interruptions to your production process. POA allocates up to 10 technicians to calibrate your systems, ensuring you have minimal down time.

Quality Checks

Our technicians review your calibration certificates and mitigate documentation errors. Our systems then undergo a secondary peer review, so we can confidently deliver a system that works


POA has developed instrumentation for customers in a variety of industries including biotech, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aviation, oil and gas, manufacturing, environmental remediation, and much more.


POA uses a validated database to track and record calibration information. Our system:

  • Reduces data transposition errors
  • Reduces repetitive data entry.
  • Provides repeatability and consistency of test points.
  • Captures calibration history to evaluate an instrument’s performance.
  • Schedules calibrations to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Generates detailed reports.
  • Provides reverse traceability to test equipment and referenced procedures.


We’ve refined our quality system over two decades, and our QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We believe in constant improvement. We conduct an annual audit of our procedures and implement each audit’s recommendations. POA also meets our customer’s standards for quality. We’ve passed numerous customer-performed audits for calibration services.