Clean, breathable air is one of our most basic needs, though not one we always think about until we’re faced with a specific pollutant. These concerns have come into heightened focus with the global outbreak of COVID-19, which is now known to be airborne. With companies increasingly concerned about maintaining a safe environment, many are turning to air purification as a precaution.

In this ebook we cover:

  • What is Plasma Ionization?
  • The Benefits of Plasma Ionization
  • Plasma Ionization & COVID-19
  • Industry Applications
The Ultimate Guide To Plasma Ionization
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“We have found POA to be a reliable resource for counsel and support with respect to control systems. Furthermore, Powers of Automation has an extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code, which has proven effective in the coordination of electrical systems and control systems. We would recommend Powers of Automation on special controls projects.”

-Colby Thompson, Tomco Electric