Dietary Supplements

In this booming and rapidly-changing industry, we’ll take the headaches out of ensuring your manufacturing process meets strict industry regulations. POA has the expertise to help you create a smooth running and flexibile manufacturing facility to better respond to the changing market.

Trust POA to help you:

Satisfy industry regulations. POA specializes in helping businesses in highly-regulated industries. If you struggle to meet regulatory requirements, your company may face fines, increased production costs, or suffer a loss of consumer confidence—all of which can impact the bottom line. POA helps you stay compliant by assisting with the development of your quality management system (QMS), validation of your equipment and documentation of your processes.

Improve product safety and quality. POA can help you reduce instances of product contamination and accidents during processing. We can design automated systems and integrate new technologies to improve product quality.

Integrate and manage systems. As you add new technologies, rely on POA to ensure your new systems fully integrate with existing ones. We have the expertise to design and integrate systems, calibrate and validate them, and manage them over their life cycle.

Integration Partners

“We have found POA to be a reliable resource for counsel and support with respect to control systems. Furthermore, Powers of Automation has an extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code, which has proven effective in the coordination of electrical systems and control systems. We would recommend Powers of Automation on special controls projects.”

Colby Thompson, Tomco Electric