POA delivers accuracy in design, installation, and on-going validation and maintenance. We bring an unparalleled combination of industry experience, technology, and expertise to a wide variety of applications.


POA can deliver the best possible automation system to meet your exact specifications. We maintain the highest standards of quality control so your automation runs at its peak.


Our highly-experienced and certified team can calibrate a range of instruments, equipment and control systems. We provide start-up, commissioning and qualification of your systems and equipment, along with full documentation.


Regardless of what process best fits your organization, POA can get you the qualification you need according to ​your requirements.


Whether you require certification for ISO 9001, GMP, or other stringent industry regulations, POA can help your company achieve compliance. We also assist with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) compliance for manufacturers of industrial control panels.


POA is your direct source for your air filtration systems large and small. Our experienced technicians are certified NAFA NCT-1, NCT-2 & CAFS and can handle every aspect of your filter purchase and installation, including bag-in and bag-out services. Once installed, our knowledgable team can provide qualification by performing integrity testing of your air filtration system.