At Powers of Automation (POA), we work with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to create high-tech robotic production and packaging systems. These industries are heavily regulated, and the adoption of robotics allows for greater control, consistency, and compliance throughout routine operations.

We provide full-service controlled temperature environment (CTE) life cycle management for cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, stability chambers, clean rooms, and incubators. Our CTE system management services include coordinating control changes, taking department requests, implementing new CTE systems, calibrating, validating, maintaining the equipment, and retiring CTE systems at the end of their service life.


Automation Applications in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech Industries

Automation plays an increasingly vital role in the pharmaceutical and bio-tech fields. This includes roles in both scientific laboratories and production centers.

In the Laboratory

As part of extensive testing and observation sequences, laboratory tasks are often very repetitive and must be tightly regulated. These are ideal conditions for introducing automated systems, as they can handle the tasks with very little risk of variability while also maintaining stringent documentation.

Programmed automation allows robots to consistently and accurately perform menial tasks, such as moving test tubes or placing thousands of microscopic DNA samples onto slides, so that researchers can focus their time on testing activities and drug development. By feeding robots simple instructions, they are capable of performing tedious jobs that are impossible to do with human hands, eliminating the risk for error.

In Production

Pharmaceutical production requires just as many, if not more, precision tasks as laboratory work. Bioreactors are used to regulate the growth of cellular, viral, and bacterial samples. Facilities can use automated control systems to create and maintain optimal growing conditions for different projects. Some of the automatable factors for bioreactors include:

  • Controlling pH levels
  • Maintaining different pressures and temperatures
  • Regulating agitation
  • Providing precise levels of nutrients and oxygen
  • Alerting human personnel to potential problems or variations in bioreactor conditions

Not only do automated systems control the functions with very little risk of error, they also collect detailed data about the conditions within the bioreactor throughout the growing or production process. This provides a clear record of compliance with FDA and other regulations while ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs.


Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech Solutions With Powers of Automation

Whether you are a small manufacturer with unique capabilities or a large, publicly-owned company, POA is here to help you:

  • Reduce Costs. Integrating an automated system lowers manufacturing costs by allowing operations to run smoothly with less downtime and manpower.
  • Decrease Complexity. As a single-source development and manufacturing provider, we are ‘one responsible company’ that offers integration, calibration, validation, servicing, and management of your automated system.
  • Stay Compliant. We design solutions that meet stringent standards and quality requirements to help highly-regulated businesses stay compliant with the FDA and their internal QMS.
  • Gain Efficiency. We help clients meet the ongoing demand for increased production efficiency by increasing automation through single-use systems and providing tighter process control.
  • Meet Future Regulatory Milestones. We help our clients prepare for stricter regulations to inspire confidence in their customers and investors.
  • Increase Your Capabilities. We design and integrate unique automated systems to help our customers expand their manufacturing capabilities and enhance flexibility.


Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech Automations From Powers of Automation

Automation is essential for any growing pharmaceutical and bio-tech businesses as it increases efficiency, while staying compliant with strict regulatory standards. At POA, we are committed to providing high quality automation solutions to help businesses enhance their operations. To learn more about or capabilities contact us today.

Integration Partners

“We have found POA to be a reliable resource for counsel and support with respect to control systems. Furthermore, Powers of Automation has an extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code, which has proven effective in the coordination of electrical systems and control systems. We would recommend Powers of Automation on special controls projects.”

-Colby Thompson, Tomco Electric