& Bio-tech Industry

POA helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies and manufacturers keep a competitive edge in a heavily-regulated industry. POA can design and maintain robotic and packaging systems to build efficiency.

We offer full-service CTE onboarding and lifecycle management for cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, stability chambers, clean rooms and incubators. We can handle your CTE program and provide life cycle management from inception to retirement. We can take requests from departments, coordinate change controls, implement the new CTE, calibrate, validate, and maintain the equipment. When it’s time for it to go, we will document the CTE out the door.

Whether you’re a small manufacturer with unique capabilities or a large, publicly-owned company, we can help you:

Stay compliant. We specialize in helping highly-regulated businesses stay compliant. We can design solutions that meet your high standards and quality control.

Meet future regulatory milestones. We can help you prepare for stricter regulations and become compliant early, so can inspire confidence in your customers and investors.

Lower costs. We can support your manufacturing strategies to lower costs through automation and integration. Our calibration and validation services can make your manufacturing operations run more smoothly with less down time.

Gain efficiency. We help clients meet the ongoing demand for increased production efficiency. We can help your company increase automation through single-use systems and provide tighter process control.

Increase your capabilities. We can help you expand your manufacturing capabilities and enhance your flexibility. We can design and integrate unique systems t

Decrease complexity. We’re a single-source development and manufacturing provider. We are a rare breed of company that can offer integration, calibration, validation, servicing, and management of your automated systems.

integration partners

“We have found POA to be a reliable resource for counsel and support with respect to control systems. Furthermore, Powers of Automation has an extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code, which has proven effective in the coordination of electrical systems and control systems. We would recommend Powers of Automation on special controls projects.”

-Colby Thompson, Tomco Electric

As your trusted supplier of Integration, Calibration and Validation services, Powers of Automation, (POA) gives our assurance that we are actively monitoring the Covid-19 Situation. POA is complying with all State and Federal requirements and customer policies.